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Mouthguards Do More Than Protect Your Teeth

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Super Bowl LVII

This Sunday (Feb 12th 2023) the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will face each other in Super Bowl LVII (that’s Super Bowl 57 for those who are not from ancient Rome). It’s an exciting time, especially now that pandemic has loosened it’s grip, we can even have some time with family and friends. The team at Clearview Dental & Optometry hopes that your Super Bowl Sunday is memorable and fun!

University of Calgary Study

For those who love the game enough to get off the couch, the dental side of our business provides sports mouthguards that do much more than just protect your teeth. According to a University of Calgary study, sports mouthguards significantly reduce the risk of concussions. Although the study was hockey oriented, similar contact sports like American football would have relatable data. The study showed a 64% reduction in the odds of concussion when a mouthguard was worn. Mouthguards are designed to reduce the forces of a collision transmitted to the teeth and jaw. However, the same reduction of force means less impact on the brain.

NFL Concussion Protocols

It’s no secret, the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith exposed the huge problem with the sport and the long term affects that many players experienced. The NFL has had to change many things to make the sport safer to play. They have worked with helmet manufacturers to make Helmets much better at reducing impact. You have probably noticed the big change in how they look compared to a decade or two ago. However, the biggest and most positive change has been the NFL’s Concussion Protocol & Return-to-Participation Protocol, which protects players from life altering brain injury.

Custom Mouthguards

Now when pro football players line up across from each other they are well-protected. Instead of bulk, helmets and shoulder pads are sleek and functional. The same goes for mouthguards that were once huge and thick and hard to breath through. Custom mouthguards fit perfectly to your teeth and don’t cause irritation or get in the way. Quarterbacks can call out plays and be clearly heard without having to remove them.

Should Be Mandatory

Don’t mistake the mouthguards NFL players wear for over-the-counter boil and bite mouthguards. Most of these are cheaply made and don’t provide the same level of protection. That being said, the University of Calgary study used these “off-the-shelf mouthguards” and they are better than nothing. The fact is, sports mouthguards should be mandatory in any impact sport. They are proven to protect your teeth and your brain. If your going to get one, get a custom Clearview Dental mouthguard.

The Moulding Procedure

After your teeth have been cleaned and after Dr. Kapadia checks your teeth, the dental assistant uses a pen shaped 3D imaging device (Trios by 3Shape) to create a digital impression of your teeth and gums. No more putty for the impression, just a quick un-invasive experience.  This gives Clearview Dental the ability to make different types of mouthguards and work with orthodontic companies like Invisalign as well.

Protect Your Teeth with custom sportsguard from Clearview Dental
Trios by 3Shape

The Five-Minute Appointment

When the silicone sport mouthguard is ready you can come back to the clinic (Clearview Dental) to make sure they fit properly. You can either wait until your next cleaning or you can come back approximately two weeks after the moulding process. A dental assistant will check to see if any adjustments are needed and if the guard stays firmly in place. This appointment is a pleasurable experience and lots of friendly advice is given so that you feel confident while playing your sport. If you have any questions, they are answered clearly.

Call today and make an appointment for a cleaning, check-up, and a new custom sports mouthguard. Protect your teeth and your brain from the impacts of any sport. And have a great Super Bowl 57!