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Make a Lifestyle Change in 2023

Posted in Events, and Family Dentistry

Making it a Habit

Multiple studies have been done over many years about how long it takes to make a lifestyle change or form a new habit, positive or not. One study that seams to be the most credible is the one that includes all the variables. Let’s face it, brushing your teeth twice each day is much easier to implement than running five miles a day every morning at 5am. Therefore, rather than a blanket statement like; “it takes 21 days to form a habit”, it really depends on what habit you’re trying to implement.

How Long to Make a Lifestyle Change?

Case and point; July 16th, 2009, psychology researcher P. Lally published her findings (European Journal of Social Psychology) on how long habits take to form. Interestingly, she discovered three previously unknown facts about developing a habit. First, it depends on the difficulty of the new habit whether it is easily adopted or not. The easier the task the more likely it will stick. Second, the time it takes to form a habit varies among people as we all have physiological and psychological differences. On average though, new behaviors become automatic after a minimum of 66 days (not 21). Third, “building better habits is not an all-or-nothing process.” You can miss opportunities to perform a behavior that you’re trying to implement and still succeed, it just may take longer.

Stay on Track

This is significant information for anyone starting a new year’s resolution. Take courage! If you have been trying for a few weeks to make a positive change (Like brushing twice a day) and it still hasn’t formed a habit, remember, it takes much more than 21 days to make something habitual. So “embrace the long slow walk to greatness!” Remember that making a mistake or two is not a failure. A few slip ups have no measurable effect on long-term goals. Habits involve a process and are not an event, so, (like a train) stay on track and the destination is inevitable.

We All Have Things to Change

If you are like most people, you probably have many things you can change for the better. Many are aware of the health benefits of avoiding tobacco. From a dental point of view, it could be the most important thing to change to maintain good oral health. So, if you’re thinking of quitting, Clearview Dental recommends, do it! So much dental pain and heartache can be avoided if you stop smoking or chewing tobacco. Making a positive change doesn’t always mean that it must be a big change. We already mentioned brushing twice daily for two minutes, but if you are not already, why not become a flosser? According to Waterpik brushing alone only gets 43% of the plaque in your mouth. Imagine the difference flossing would make if added to your current dental routine.

Did you know? Approximately 25% of Canadians don’t visit the dentist annually!

Clearview Dental Can Help

If you are in that group, why not make that one of your goals. The staff at Clearview Dental make it easy to make appointments that are convenient for you. They also help with insurance and make it clear what costs are covered and which are not. There will be no financial surprises. Having a whole team of professional dental health advocates can help you to have a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. They work with you to make sure your dental health goals are realized.

Don’t be a Negitive Statistic

One CDC report shows that on average over 25% of adults from age 65 to 74 have lost all their natural teeth. Interesting! Could it be the same 25% that don’t visit the dentist regularly? Don’t be a statistic, especially that one. It doesn’t have to be inevitable that as we age, we lose our teeth. Make an appointment today, your first step to making a great lifestyle change and better dental health.